A downloadable game

Made at the start of the pandemic and the concept of quarantine was new and strange. Designed for play with people you're isolating with, or via voice chat with remote friends. It's for yelling out dice numbers and things like "I'm gonna change that five into a four and invite the old lady over" or "aack I shouldn't have put that 1 into the wilderness, I've totally screwed myself".

Install instructions

Print it out using any PDF viewing software and get to scribbling, or import the PNG into any image editor and write over the top of it. The rules and the game and everything are all on the one page. You will need to provide two six-sided dice yourself. 

You can just play it over discord or whatever you use to talk to friends online - just each of you have a copy in front of you in whatever app. If you have screen sharing it could be fun to share your page. You can appoint someone to roll physical dice and call them out, or you can use an online dice roller.


wizards_tower_pnp.pdf 7 MB
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Looks cool. It would be helpful to clarify whether everybody shares the same dice rolls, and what “spend 1” refers to (I assume resources).


Excellent little game! It takes five minutes to learn and offers an unexpected amount of strategizing. Plus there's solo rules!

It's so fun, in fact, that we changed the winning condition to ten stars because we didn't want the game to end :)