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my highscore:


Awesome Game!

This is quite charming. I didn't quite realize it was a cooperative effort at first... I was just trying to cut off the other sleeper and keep as much space as I could for myself. I haven't managed to get over 200 yet.

The mechanic is simple and almost reminds of old games like Pipe Dream or something like that. Well done and an excellent interpretation of the theme!


Glad you didn't lose sleep over this snooze-themed game! I had fun trying to uncover all the special moves. Feels very chill as there doesn't seem to be a win/lose, just try to have fun and make silly poses. I really enjoyed this. Well done. :)

I found my favourite pose!

I don't know if I'm winning or not but my hand is slipping under both of our heads. I should be in great pain from this strain but my comfort score says otherwise

So goog :D

really funny, i liked it!