Whitson is a short game to commemorate astronaut Peggy Whitson's return to Earth from the International Space Station.

It takes about three minutes to play through. You can play it again if you want, but it's designed to be played through once and enjoyed rather than a challenge to try and master.

There's not much else to say! It's a short game!

Compatibility notes

I recommend using a relatively recent version of Chrome for best results.

Whitson leans quite heavily on WebGL, which has fairly patchy support on Firefox, as well as the Web Audio API which isn't supported on IE. Also it uses ogg vorbis audio, which Safari cannot load. (If you're using Safari and don't have access to Chrome for some reason, drop me a line and I'll see about converting the audio to mp3.)

Technical notes

I made this game just on a homebrew typescript engine; I chose this approach because it's not a hugely complex game and I wanted to stretch my skills around some cutting edge browser technology. It's not minified, so have a poke around in the source if you're so inclined!

Development log